5 Best Perfumes for Men 2019
By Givenchy
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For the Playful Charmer

Juicy top notes of pear dance playfully with intoxicating heart notes of lavender and noble iris.
Strong base elements of leather tango with sweet and spicy patchouli and cardamom to bring this sensual and distinctive fragrance to perfection. This new fragrance for 2019 will lead you into the unexpected.

By Ajmal
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For the Sophisticated Woodsman

A light and fresh fragrance which recalls adventures in the crisp air and will last all day. Your first impression from this Eau de Parfum will be the citrusy-floral breeze created by top notes of lemon and rose. Next, you will be attracted to a lush core balanced by spicy evergreen heart notes. Lastly, the woodland effect is tastefully complemented by a base of cedar, amber, and musk.

By Burberry
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For the High-Class Adventurer

Smell the salty-fresh sea breeze mixed with the crisp lemon and rosemary top notes. Heart notes from the leaves and petals of the violet plant are paired with a bold splash of fresh mint as a reminder of the herbal flavors of the countryside. Finally, this elegant natural fragrance is deepened and completed by base notes of ancient oakmoss and amber.

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For the Emotionally Attuned Man

A more sensitive and romantic interpretation than the previous Guilty releases, this scent contrasts an emotionally delicate blend of bergamot and lemon top notes with a warm, earthy and peppery heart of orris and orange blossom. The mix is finished with a smooth masculine base of musk and patchouli leaving a lasting impression behind you, and a hunger for more.

By Valentino
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For the Man Who is Gentle Yet Direct

Top notes in this fragrance from Valentino cuts a broad presence with a stunning combination of mandarin and clary sage. Heart notes speak earnestly yet appealingly with iris and tonka bean. And a base of vanilla and leather bring two contrasting elements of sweetness and strength in perfect harmony.

Find your favorite new scent for 2019

With so many new men’s scents from top brands, which will project your unique masculinity? Read on for our faves and all the info you need to choose.

Men's Perfumes - Mjareb’s Advice

When begin considering which perfume to buy, there are a few steps you should follow. This guide will make it easy to find the best type of perfume for you.

How To Choose A Perfume That Projects Your Personality

Consider your style and unique character traits. You should pick a perfume that enhances your natural charisma and charm.
  • Are you dynamic and energetic? You might prefer a citrus-influenced or lavender and rosemary-infused scent like Mr. Burberry Indigo.
  • Are you intriguing and complex? Pick a scent which mixes masculine florals with rich aromatic spices like Gentleman Givenchy.
  • Are you adventurous and sophisticated? Try a scent with fresh breezy evergreen forest notes like Shiro by Ajmal.
  • Are you masculine yet sensitive? Find yourself in a romantically inclined balance of florals, citrus, warm resins and musk like Guilty Eau Pour Homme by Gucci.
  • Are you sweet yet captivating? Go for a head-turning marriage of opposites bringing together mild and sharp flavors in perfect harmony. Our favorite here is Uomo Intense by Valentino.

Best perfumes for men on any budget

Best Men’s Perfumes Under AED 100
  • Emotion Pour Homme by Rasasi, EDP 100ml
  • Brit Rhythm by Burberry, EDT 90ml
  • Eros by Versace, EDT 30ml

Best Men’s Perfumes Under AED 300

Best Men’s Perfumes Under AED 500

Don’t Forget Your Lady

You can’t go wrong with a scent you know she already likes.
But AskMjareb guarantees the ladies in your life will also enjoy a fresh new scent
– whether for Valentine’s Day, their birthday, or just because…

But how can you pick?

The perfume a woman likes is largely based on personal taste, and so trying to pick a fragrance for a lady as a gift is a real challenge.
Luckily, AskMjareb has a guide to the Best Perfumes For Women which gives you everything you need to get her a perfume she’ll love.

How Strong Do You Like Your Scent?

The stronger the perfume oil content in a fragrance product, the longer you can expect the scent to last.

  • Aftershave (1-3% perfume oil), is the weakest version of a fragrance and can be applied directly to the face and neck. It will last over 1 hour and often contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera.
  • Eau de Cologne – or EDC (3-5% perfume oil), is one stronger than aftershave and can be applied directly to the neck and to the hair, lasting over 2 hours. You can use it to refresh in the middle of the day.
  • Eau de Toilette – or EDT (4-8% perfume oil), will last 3-4 hours but is too strong to apply directly to sensitive skin like the face and neck.
  • Eau de Parfum – or EDP (15-18% perfume oil) will last you 6-8 hours, so it’s great to put on in the morning to last the workday. Be sure to apply lightly, so you succeed in drawing attention, not in clearing the room.
  • Parfum – or perfume (15-30% perfume oil), is the most potent version of a fragrance and will last you from morning till night, and perhaps far longer. This is simply perfume oil mixed with alcohol. In this case, a few tiny dabs should more than do the trick.

How To Put On Perfume For Men

It’s important to learn how to apply your perfume. So many movies feature a joke where a young man, out on his first date, uses far too much perfume.
Don’t make the same mistake and be a laughingstock!

In short, less is more.
If your scent has a sprayer, just one spritz on a warm body part (face, neck, chest, or wrist and inner elbows) should be enough.
If your scent doesn’t have a spritzer, one discrete dab on each wrist and the hollow of your neck should do the trick.

Remember, your fragrance should catch her attention not drive her from the room!

How To Choose Your Perfect Scent

  • When trying out a fragrance for the first time, smell the bottle. You’ll know a lot just from this simple step. If you want to progress to actually trying it on your body, spray a small amount on a warm body part like your wrist, and wait.
  • The top notes are the initial smell that gives you the first impression. They are also added last when a perfume is formulated in the lab and can include ginger and citrus. These will fade rather quickly, so don’t stop here.
  • In about 15-30 minutes, the heart notes will start to appear. These can include evergreen notes like cedar, spices like coriander, black pepper, chocolate or anise, or even warm florals like jasmine, iris, and ylang-ylang.
  • But you’re not finished. Scents like vanilla, sandalwood, tobacco and leather, the base notes, appearing after 4-6 hours, are what make a man’s scent what it is.
  • And although you will begin to detect these base notes at the beginning, it’s not until you’ve experienced a scent after it’s truly mixed with your own that you know if it’s truly right for you. Until you’ve worn a men’s perfume for at least 4-6 hours, perhaps even sweated in it, you won’t understand its nature.

Men's Perfumes - FAQ

Which fragrances are best for men?

First of all, decide which kinds of scents interest you the most. Do you like floral and woody? Leathery and tobacco-ey? Citrusy and fresh? Spicy and sweet? These kinds of descriptions can help you as you begin your search.

While each perfume is unique and layered in different ways, there are several main descriptors used to talk about men’s fragrances. These include aromatic, aquatic, fresh, citrus, spicy, ambery, woody, chypre, and musky. Most of the best men’s perfumes mix more than one of these scents.

  • Aromatic perfumes are herbal in nature and contain classic notes such as sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender. They are often combined with spicy and citrus elements.
  • Aquatic perfumes recall the salt spray of a sea breeze. They are often combined with woody flavors.
  • Fresh might include white flowers like ylang-ylang, jasmine or evergreen forest notes.
  • Citrus, ever popular as a top note in men’s perfumes includes grapefruit, bergamot, orange, tangerine and lime.
  • Spicy refers to bold notes such as ginger, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, clove and mace.
  • Ambery perfumes are rich and sophisticated and use precious substances like tobacco, exotic woods and resins like galbanum, frankincense, oud and South American palo santo, amongst others.
  • Woody can refer to actual woods such as oak, cedar, as well as deeper masculine notes such as leather and smoke.
  • Musky generally refers to strong animalistic smells. While it used to refer to the scent glands of a male deer, today, there are many vegan alternatives such as patchouli or sandalwood. There are also great synthetics, although they are costly.

What is the difference between a perfume and a cologne?

Cologne is very weak compared to a perfume, carrying only about 3% perfume oil, and can be splashed on the cheeks and neck.
Perfume can be as strong as 30% oil and must be used very sparingly on the pulse points to avoid irritating your skin and everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Do perfumes go bad?

Yes, as with all oil-based products, perfumes can go rancid. They can change in color and texture and can lose their attractive fragrance. Be sure to keep your perfume bottles away from moisture, heat and light (so NOT in the bathroom), and buy a fresh supply every 24-36 months to make sure your perfume stays at its best. Check your bottles’ labels for specific manufacturer’s recommendations.

Also a great gift idea for your lady is a fresh bottle of one of her favorite perfumes that’s passed its expiration date!

How to make perfumes?

Perfumes are a mix of a scentless carrier oil like jojoba or almond, essential oils, alcohol and sometimes distilled water. After formulating, perfumes need to sit about 6 weeks to reach optimal strength. The order in which essential oils are added along with the ratios do a lot to affect the overall fragrance – so definitely something to leave to an experienced perfume master.

What are the leading men’s perfume brands?

The following is a list of leading men’s perfume brands, along with their most famous and best-selling fragrances of all time.

  • Gucci
    While Guccio Gucci originally started the company as a fine leather goods company, this international status symbol has been releasing a varied line of products, including fashion items, perfumes and colognes since the 1990s. Gucci’s most popular fragrances for men include Envy, Envy Me, and Envy 2 , as well as its Guilty for Men line .
  • Ajmal
    Founded by Haji Ajmal Ali on the knowledge that a fragrance is all it takes to travel through time, the Ajmal line of perfumes include masculine scents like Blu, Kuro, Evoke, Neutron, and Shiro. Likewise, its line of oud and classic middle eastern perfumes like Dahn Al Oudh Jazaab and Wisal enjoy acclaim far and wide.
  • Bvlgari
    Bvlgari was started in 1884 and for more than a century has been leading in luxurious jewelry and fashion design. Since the 1990s, Bvlgari has been putting out famous men’s perfumes such as its Aqua line for men, Man in Black and Man Extreme.
  • Mont Blanc
    Initially known as the leader in top-of-the-line pens and writing implements, Mont Blanc expanded into a line of elegant luxury lifestyle products, including signature fragrances such as the Legend line for men, as well as Starwalker and Emblem to name just a few.
  • Hermes
    Originally started in 1837 as a harness maker for horses, the French family released their first classic fragrance in 1961, still sold as Kelly Calèche for men. This was followed by other greats such as Terre D’Hermes.
  • Givenchy
    Started in the 1950s by Hubert De Givenchy, Givenchy products embody the spirit of French couture based on exquisite design combined with a touch of fantasy. Givenchy’s most popular fragrances for men include Pi , Play Intense , Gentlemen Only , and Gentleman Givenchy
  • Dior
    Christian Dior started doing fashion sketches in 1938, and today is widely known as the most recognized name in fashion. He invented the concept of couture fragrance in 1947, and today enjoys lasting regard for his men’s perfume lines. These include the Sauvage, Homme Intense and Fahrenheit collections, amongst others.
  • Chanel
    Born in 1883, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel started off with a hat boutique but soon became one of the leading French fashion houses offering clothing, accessories, makeup, skincare and fragrances. Many classic Chanel perfumes for men are still popular today, such as Pour Monsieur, the classy Egoïste, Allure Homme, Anteus, and our all-time favorite, Bleu de Chanel.
  • Valentino
    Founded in 1959 by Valentino Garavani, the Italian fashion house is known in over 70 countries for its opulent and flamboyant fragrances which are the embodiment of Italian Couture. Started in the 1970s with scents such as Vendetta, Very Valentino, and Valentino V Pour Homme, the Valentino fragrance line for men is extensive and includes various scents suitable for all tastes. Modern favorites include Uomo, Uomo Noir Absolu , Uomo Acqua , and our personal choice, Uomo Intense.
  • Cartier
    Referred to by some as the “Jeweler of Kings,” the French house of Cartier is well known for its intricate and detailed jewelry. Cartier was commissioned to make tiaras for coronations and other ornate custom jewelry and timepieces, and their perfumes often took their names from these jewelry collections. Popular Cartier perfumes for men include the classic Santos de Cartier , Declaration , L’envol , Roadstar , and our favorite here at AskMjareb, Pasha De Cartier .
  • Burberry
    Founded in 1856, Burberry’s sturdy trench coats, tartans and accessories have long been a classic and high-quality mainstay of British luxury fashion. In 2004, the Burberry perfume line gained an international following when Burberry Brit (featured above in AskMjareb’s best perfumes for men under Dh100) won a FiFi Award from the Fragrance Foundation. Since then, Burberry perfumes for men, such as London, the self-titled Burberry for Men, Touch , Summer , The Beat Men , Brit Rhythm , Weekend , Sport Ice and of course, our favorite, Mr. Burberry Indigo have become a confidence-boosting staple for young and mature men alike across the globe.
  • Versace
    Relatively young compared to many of the classic perfume brands, Versace is an Italian fashion house established by Gianni Versace in 1978. Drawing both from classic Greek and Roman influences as well as modern art, film, and street life, Versace perfumes have always been intertwined with celebrity and supermodel culture. Many of Versace’s most popular fragrances for men are also very affordable, including Versace Pour Homme , Oud Noir , Eros Pour Homme (featured in our best perfumes list for under AED 100 above), Dreamer , L’Homme , Eau Fraiche , Men, and Dylan Blue Pour Homme , to name just a few.
  • Giorgio Armani
    Named by Forbes Magazine as the globes’ most successful designer, Giorgio Armani entered the perfume industry in the early ’80s with the introduction of the self-titled Armani for Men. He has since achieved vast acclaim while staying relevant to the everyday man with Eau De Nuit , Acqua Di Gio , Eau Pour Homme, and the extensive Code line of perfumes for men.
  • Rasasi
    Rasasi perfumes is a visionary Dubai perfume house founded in 1979 by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar. His six sons have continued his vision, each bringing their own unique flavor and talent to the line. Today, Rasasi perfumes’ innovative fragrances for men include Oriental masterpieces, such as Al-Mubakhar, Shurah, Daarej, Al Wisam, Faqat Lil Rijal, and La Yuqawam, not to forget the distinctive Attar Al Mohabba Pour Homme.Rasasi also excels in the art of occidental perfume, with such popular fragrances as Hope Men, Chastity Pour Homme, Royale, Royale Blue, Blue for Men, and one of our favorites, Emotion Pour Homme.
Now we’ve shared with you our favorite new scents for 2019, as well as everything you need to select just the right scent for yourself or as a gift for your lady. Just remember: Picking perfumes should be fun, but acquiring the skill can take some time. If you don’t buy the perfect scent the first time, don’t give up. You’re sure to achieve mastery as time goes on.