About Us

Who We Are
AskMjareb is a review and comparison site. We are a selected team of researchers, industry experts, influencers, writers, and designers all with one mission – to give you the most reliable purchasing advice and help YOU find the right products for your needs and pocket.

AskMjareb comes from the Arabic proverb “Ask the one who has experience rather than a doctor.” A person with experience is often referred to as a Mjareb, which is precisely what our experts are – people with the relevant experience. We check and test every product and service for ourselves before passing on our insights and recommendations. All of our know-how comes from our own experience.

AskMjareb is where you visit when considering making an online purchase, whether it’s a new smartphone, the best coffee maker, or a fast VPN service. We aim to make it easy for you, our readers, to pick the right product and be confident in making the smart choice.

We also provide information on the best deals and most exclusive offers currently available across many different online shops, so you can get the best value for your money. When you visit AskMjareb, you can be sure to find the top products and services at the very best prices available.

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, AskMjareb is entirely dedicated to the Arab market. We have experts and super-users in every product category, with the knowledge to pick out the highs and lows of a product, service or latest technology. We go and search for products and personally try them out. We thoroughly test, analyze, and compare each individual product so we can objectively recommend to you the best.
What We Do
Our goal is to make sure your online shopping experience is knowledgeable, straightforward and within budget. Ultimately, it’s all about saving you time and money. When looking to buy a new product or service, you have a wide choice of different options. Every home appliance, gadget, and online service has hundreds of different brands and products to choose from. Sifting through all of the information and specifications can be confusing, time-consuming, and worse of all – expensive.

That is where AskMjareb comes in.

Our teams of experts and super-users spend countless hours testing and comparing products, services, and special offers, to pick the best for our customers. We thoroughly examine every detail, feature, and possible use of the top products in hundreds of categories, including Electronics, Beauty, and Health. Once AskMjareb experts decide on the best products in a category, we then go through all the online stores available to us and pick out the best prices for you.

We never accept paid content or free products from outside companies or manufacturers, so our reviews and recommendations are based solely on our experts’ research and knowledge.
How We Do It
On a daily basis, we independently purchase new products or services, with no strings attached, directly from manufacturers. Our experts then take the time to use, study and produce in-depth reports and reviews on each and every product.

Through a series of tests designed specifically for each type of product or service, we cover all the day-to-day uses in real-world settings, exactly like you would use them as a customer. We then move on to more rigorous experiments in our warehouse, where we test such aspects as durability, peak performance, and usability under extreme conditions. Finally, we compare the top products against one another to see which one emerges as the best of the best.

Whilst we endeavor to test most of the products ourselves, this is not always possible. With some products or services, we rely on research and user feedback to gather the information necessary for a completely unbiased professional review.
Our Promise
AskMjareb is committed to integrity, speed and ease of access. We make money only if you choose to buy a product through a link on our site – no matter which one. We review without bias and ensure we are fair, transparent and with no hidden agenda. The only thing that matters to us is to provide our readers with value, knowledge and reliable recommendations.

We ensure that we only give you 100% trustworthy, dependable and accurate reviews. If we don’t, we know you won’t come back, so we make sure that you can always trust us. We promise to always listen to reader feedback and regularly ask for your opinions, so we know we’re doing right by you. Our success is in your hands.