Popular Travel Destinations For Ramadan And Eid al-Fitr
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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A Globalized And Modern Islamic City
Dubai is one of the most developed and modern cities in the world. It’s a first-class tourist city especially in the holy month of Ramadan, where there are many recreational activities, Ramadan tents and charity activities to partake in this holy month. Further, the Iftar party at sunset is wonderful - all the restaurants in the city are prepared to offer the best dishes to residents, tourists and visitors. Don’t miss the Jumeirah Mosque, the Grand Mosque and many mosques where salawat can be performed - the best idea is to go for Maghrib before the Iftar party.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Architecture, Tradition And Trends
The Islamic State of Malaysia is famous for its beauty and ingenious architecture, which is reflected through the twin towers of Petronas. Now is a great time to learn about the Ramadan customs and traditions in Malaysia, and experience their delicious Iftar feasts held in mosques. Enjoy shopping in Kuala Lumpur's shopping centers, home to the trendiest styles in the world. What’s more, these popular markets are also open until the wee hours so you can go shopping during Ramadan nights.
Istanbul, Turkey
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History, Culture And Commerce
Istanbul is the perfect mixture of historical authenticity and freshness of nature - not to mention the virgin beaches! Arab travelers are always welcome in Istanbul - and there are many amazing tours of historical landmarks and tourist attractions. Don’t miss the Blue Mosque, Sultan Mosque and several others where Taraweeh salawat is held. And don’t forget unimaginable shopping! In addition to shopping centers and malls, we cannot ignore the delicious Ramadan dishes and Turkish sweets made with authentic Turkish recipes! Traveling in Istanbul is always a memorable adventure.
Fes, Marocco
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Arabic And Berber Charm Combined
The city of Fes in Morocco is an essential part of the Moroccan national heritage. Enjoy your chance this Ramadan to encounter this patient and spontaneous people with their unique customs and traditions this holy month. The atmosphere of Ramadan starting from dawn, when Musaharati, the drummer, wakes you up for Suhoor. You’ll love shopping in the old, authentic markets, as well as the many activities and events before Iftar. End your days in Fes happily with your family while enjoying local goodies until late at night.
Cairo, Egypt
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Middle East’s Largest Metropolitan City
Cairo is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the Middle East. If you travel there during Ramadan, you will enjoy many surprises. Encounter the good-hearted and hospitable locals through Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr rituals and activities. Don’t miss tasting traditional Egyptian sweets and Eid cookies while shopping and strolling through Cairo’s vibrant streets. Visit Egypt, mother of the Arab world this Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. You will never regret your choice.
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
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Deepen Your Spirituality This Ramadan
Makkah is the most sacred site on Earth, and there is no Muslim would not love to visit it, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. In fact, according to Hadith, the reward for Hajj is equal to that for Umrah in Ramadan. Muslim visitors will love the opportunity to consider the ancient Islamic history from its inception to the present day. You can also experience mass Iftar in the mosque and the five salawat bringing you closer to the Messenger of Allah. A visit to Makkah is the perfect spiritual experience for every fasting person in Ramadan.
Manila, Philippines
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Tradition And Modernity On The Bay
Manila (or Amanullah In Arabic, meaning peace and safety of Allah) is the center of the Philippines socially, economically and politically and full of both traditional and modern neighborhoods. One of the most special practices during Ramadan is decorating the mosques, all members of a family together, from thee eldest down to the very youngest. The littlest ones also get up early and dress in ornate costumes, carrying lanterns to awaken sleepers for Suhoor. And what an enjoyable experience Suhoor in Manila is, full of delicious local cuisine and favorite sweets for Muslims.

AskMjareb’s Favorite Travel Destinations for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Would you like to explore a little something different this Ramadan? Visit one of AskMjareb’s favorite Muslim tourist destinations – and spend the month performing salawat in ancient mosques, enjoying delicious new Iftar and Suhoor dishes in the best restaurants, and exploring the beauty and diversity of the local Ramadan traditions and customs.

Travel and Tourism in Ramadan - Mjareb’s Advice

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. It’s also the month of salat and charity work from dawn to sunset. Some prefer to stay at home with family, while others prefer to travel to new destinations and spend Ramadan elsewhere.

Some people find it wonderful to learn about new cultures during the month of Ramadan while still having close at hand all the amenities necessary for Muslims. Others love to take time out of their home city for quiet prayer and reflection. Here, our team at AskMjareb has brought you all of our favorite travel destinations for Muslims – during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, and all year round. Read on and enjoy traveling in your imagination to destinations that may soon become your reality.

1 Plan Your Trip with the Best Travel Agencies

Now you’ve seen our list of the most popular travel destinations for Ramadan. But are you still wondering where to go? If you take advantage of AskMjareb’s preparations – this may be your best holiday yet!

We planned and collected the best travel destinations for you using the services of the best booking sites like Tajawal, Almosafer, Rehlat, Flyin, and Rayna Tours. All of these travel sites offer you the best and most complete travel and tour packages during the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr at the cheapest prices available anywhere.

2 Travel to Dubai, Land of adventure and Imagination

Dubai is an amazing place where you will find everything you need for yourself and your wife and activities for your children. You’ll have exciting family experiences with the best hospitality as only Rayna Tours can show you.

Popular tours and activities include:

  • VR Park Dubai – cutting-edge Virtual Reality experience
  • Dubai Desert Safari including deluxe sailboat dinner
  • Tour of Burj Khalifa and aquarium tickets
  • Atlantis Aquapark – swimming pools and slides

  • …and much more.

    3 Manila and Makkah - spiritual introspection meets inspirational worship

    Travel with the family to Manila, Philippines, and experience their authentic Ramadan customs, while savoring their delicious dishes. Manila will give you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking in a spiritual atmosphere filled with love and goodness.

    From Manila, you can also jump over for a week to Makkah to experience the glory of prayer and worship in the holy city. Each place will add a different dimension to your holy month of Ramadan.

    4 Istanbul, the best shopping in the Islamic world

    Istanbul is the most famous destination for old and traditional markets full of tiny and full-fledged shops. Its modern shopping centers provide you with all the clothes you want for Eid Al Fitr, from the finest brands at reasonable prices – and don’t forget the charming home accessories, jewelry and sweets you can buy and take home with you and share at Eid Al Fitr table. Spend your Ramadan in Turkey, and you’ll get all this at the cheapest prices in the world!

    5 Popular Ramadan destinations in Europe

    Santorini, Greece is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, famous for its charming white buildings. If you want to relax for a week with your wife or friend during Ramadan or any other time, it is the ideal destination due to its stunning views, quiet beaches and historic buildings with its white walls and blue roofs. And don’t forget they have lots of tourist activities for everyone.

    AskMjareb checked many booking sites claiming to provide the best prices for your Santorini holiday, but we found you the lowest and best prices on Tajawal and Almosafer.

    Georgia is visited by many tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of nature in the mountains and forests. Georgia is a perfect destination for fasters who wants to relax and enjoy the warm therapeutic springs. Take a walk in the high mountains of the Caucasus Mountains you can pray in the highlands near the sky.

    AskMjareb did the work and found you the most reasonable booking prices for Georgia through Tajawal and Almosafer.

    Travel in Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr - FAQ

    Where can I find cheap airline tickets for Eid al Fitr with my family?

    The following is our list of top booking sites for flights, hotels and family holidays. You can find the best prices both to the locations on AskMjareb best-of lists, and to locations not on our lists:

    How can I travel during Ramadan and the fasting season?

    If you’re eager to travel during Ramadan, look for destinations with a similar time zone to your home country. This way, you’ll minimize jetlag and be gentle on your body by not changing too much the times of Iftar, Suhoor and Salah. An easy way to make the jump is to travel to Egypt, Dubai, Morocco or another nearby country.

    Also, make sure that your travel destinations and hotels provide Halal food suitable for Muslims. AskMjareb’s top list of Ramadan travel destinations will guide you to Islamic countries and cities that fast Ramadan and celebrate Eid al-Fitr, so no need to tire yourself searching!

    Where do I find mosques for salat during my travels and my stay?

    In every travel destination recommended on this page, mosques are easy to find, and you’ll have many to choose from. For example, in Dubai, there are more than 200 mosques, the most important of which are the Grand Mosque and the Grand Mosque. In Cairo, you can visit Al-Azhar, and in Istanbul, you can perform your salawat in the Blue Mosque. In Makkah, of course, you’ll be able to soak in the amazing spirituality of Al-Haram Sharif.

    What Ramadan activities can enjoy while on vacation?

    Many countries host special Ramadan activities and celebrations locals and tourists alike. All the destinations we recommend – Dubai, Istanbul, Malaysia, Morocco, and Cairo – are well known for their spectacular celebrations during Ramadan season. You’ll be able to enjoy various events and activities for families centered around each country’s cultures and traditions. All of our top Ramadan travel destinations are known for their warm communal atmosphere – charity parties, collective Salat in the Mosque with warm Iftar parties afterward.

    You’ll also find beautiful and lively festivals on the streets after dark – these are especially fun for children who will enjoy the unique trinkets, decorations and ornaments, and special seasonal foods.

    We hope we’ve been able to help you choose the best Ramadan travel destination this year for you and your family. Take advantage of our expert advice and book the cheapest prices for the dates you want. Then, relax with your family and use the time to shop for Eid al-Fitr.