Best 5 Smartwatches

Updated Apr 2024
Smartwatches are the perfect complement to the powerful smartphones everyone has. Our research team at AskMjareb tested dozens of smartwatches and brings you the top five so you can choose the smartwatch that is best for you.
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Best of the Best
The Techie on the Go
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Apple leads the market to new frontiers with the Apple Watch 4. Its voice and hands-free features work so well it could actually replace your mobile phone. What’s more, it faces down the stiffest competition as a fitness tracker thanks to its auto-detect activity monitoring and innovative life-saving systems.

  • Can function as a smartphone with LTE
  • 64-bit processor loads programs quickly without lag
  • Up to 3 days battery life with “Do not disturb” mode
  • 16GB internal storage to keep all your music handy
  • Using LTE and GPS at the same time drains the battery in as few as 4 hours
  • Walk-tracking only starts after 15 minutes of walking
  • No Apple sleep-detection
Best Value
Replace Your Phone
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The Huawei Watch 2 is the first Android smartwatch in UAE that could actually replace your Android phone, with cellular connectivity, navigation maps, and text messengers. It even integrates with Google Play so you can download lots of great apps, and can zip between them thanks to its top-of-the-line processor.

  • Voice-activated Google Assistant is quick and responsive
  • Works with 4G, GPS, and has its own antenna
  • Circular, daylight-friendly 1.2 inch AMOLED display
  • Design custom training programs or choose from the Huawei Health app
  • Only comes with 4GB of internal storage
  • No automatic detection for workout starts/ends
  • Double-chrome plastic watch body replaces stainless steel one
  • Only water and dust resistant to 1M
For the Office Hiker
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This super-elegant Samsung smartwatch is the perfect fit for fitness: it tracks 39 different sports and offers 60 unique workout programs, and you can even create your own. It’s also suited for wilderness and mountaineering expeditions due to its excellent GPS, altimeter and barometer capabilities

  • Auto-tracks 6 fitness activities
  • Battery lasts 4 days with constant use
  • Intuitive navigation using the rotating bezel around the screen
  • Beautiful 1.3 inch AMOLED display is easily readable
  • Notably missing support for WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Google Maps
  • Samsung’s virtual assistant is subpar
  • Takes a half-second to update time and stats each time it “wakes up”
Your exercise buddy
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The ultimate in personalized fitness monitoring. The Fitbit Versa tracks your progress in 15 sports and other metrics: sleep stages and times, heart-rate, steps walked, calories burned, stairs climbed, stationary time, even meditative breathing. On top of that, it also pushes notifications from your phone like any other smartwatch.

  • Tracks over 15 different sports and displays unique, vital metrics for each
  • Auto-detects workout pauses and provides a summary when finished
  • Bright, readable display down to 50M for swimming and diving
  • Smooth and responsive – no latency in performance
  • Verified 3-4 days battery life on a single charge
  • No GPS
  • “Squircle” touchscreen isn’t very responsive underwater
  • Proprietary charger is hard to replace
  • Fitbit Pay platform is challenging to use
  • Last Year's Model
    Also available at:

    The Apple Watch Series 3 is a solid buy with world-famous Apple design. Forward your texts, calls, and calendar appointments from your phone. Monitor heart rate, steps, and calories burned, as well as sports like swimming and cycling. Don’t forget turn-by-turn directions from Apple Maps, right to your wrist.

    • GPS so you never get lost
    • Beautiful 38mm or 42mm touchscreen that can be used as a flashlight
    • Water-resistant casing for swimming
    • Stream Apple Music and Podcasts directly to the smartwatch
    • Processor delays when opening programs or returning to ‘Home’
    • SIRI digital assistant is still patchy
    • A lot of pre-installed apps are buggy
    • LTE cellular connectivity is not standard

    Select the best smartwatch for you

    It seems like every week a new model of smartwatch comes out with updated features, new functions, and increased capabilities. How can you know which one is best for you? Maybe you are looking for a stylish watch that can display your work messages, or want to time your laps during your swim practice. Understanding which smartwatch to buy is a daunting task. AskMjareb compares all the best smartwatches in the UAE to bring you the best five. We examine the best smartwatches for men on the market and identify which models do the best job for you in each division.

    How We Decided

    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Models Reviewed
    Experts Interviewed
    Consumers Consulted

    Best smartwatch for the office

    The Apple Watch Series 4 is an incredible feat of both technology and design and suits every modern office environment. It can function as a standalone device thanks to its LTE capabilities so that you can use it separately from your iPhone. Whichever way you choose to use it, you will still gain fast access to your messages, emails, and information thanks to its powerful processor and friendly UI. If you’re looking for a more classic look, with a round display, consider Samsung’s Galaxy Watch . It can do most anything the Apple Watch can, but with a more elegant design (and works better with Samsung phones).

    Best Smartwatch for fitness

    The Fitbit Versa is known around the world as the smartwatch designed primarily as a fitness support device. As such, this Fitbit watch is the best for personalized workout coaching, as well as adapting to your moves and giving you updated feedback accordingly It gives you unique custom reminders that align with your activity, hydration, and sleep goals. The Fitbit Versa also provides a macro-level status analysis and coaching for cardiovascular, respiratory and 15 other metrics.

    Best Android Smartwatch to replace your phone

    The Huawei Watch 2 is the only Android watch in the marketplace today that is designed to replace your smartphone. Not only can you outfit it with either SIM or eSIM technology, but you can also download all your favorite apps and games straight to it, using the Google Play store. Its Snapdragon 2100 processor is fast enough to do whatever you like with zero wait-time, and its voice-activated Google Assistance is snappy and extremely responsive.

    Best smartwatch for extreme sports

    In addition to tracking 39 different types of unusual and extreme sports, the Samsung Galaxy Watch features GPS, a barometer, and an altimeter. You can take it snorkeling, mountain climbing, off-trail biking and everything in-between. This stylish smartwatch is also water and dust resistant so you can take it swimming as well as to your office.

    Mjareb’s Advice

    • Never be away from your phone Text and WhatsApp messages from friends, family, and work have become a mainstay of our consciousness, not to mention important texts and push notifications from AliExpress, your bank, flights coming up, or even from the government. Checking these messages on your smartphone while exercising, driving, or just having dinner with the in-laws can be a bit awkward, rude or downright dangerous. Not so with a smartwatch, which allows you to review every message with a quick glance at your wrist. Not all the smartwatches mentioned in this list allow you to send messages back – if you need to, we suggest you go with the Huawei Watch 2 or the Apple Watch Series 4 – but all of them keep you up to date with your phone calls, text messages and calendar appointments. In the modern world, these can be incredibly timely and crucial.
    • Cheaper than a personal trainer Most new smartwatches come with at least some fitness tracking and personal training features. So if you need extra motivation to work out, smartwatches can be a great way to remind you to get up and move every so often. They can also help you track your workouts and set goals to improve every day.While indeed most smartwatches support some sort of fitness programs, there are those that are made especially to help you during exercise. So if the only reason (or at least the main one) you want a smartwatch is to have a virtual personal trainer, focus your attention on one of those. For this, we recommend the Fitbit Versa, since it is the best smartwatch for fitness and among the best smartwatches for men available today.
    • Get where you need to go Using your smartwatch to view turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps or Apple Maps when walking around an unfamiliar city is just so much slicker than brandishing your phone out in front of you like a classic sightseer. When driving, having your next turn visually accessible on your wrist can be the difference between life and death or at least a hefty fine.Keep in mind though, that one of the design flaws of the Samsung Galaxy Watch is its lack of support for Google Maps, so if you’re an Android user that likes getting clear directions anywhere you go, AskMjareb recommends you stick with the Huawei Watch 2
    • Make your voice heard Now that smartwatch hardware is becoming more powerful, voice-activated assistants are beginning to work as intended. Being able to ask Google Assistant or SIRI for a piece of information while jogging or while cooking is just so much more convenient with a smartwatch than with a phone.If this is one of your main reasons for wanting a smartwatch, AskMjareb recommends you go with the Apple Watch Series 4 or the Huawei Watch 2 , as these two offer the best voice-activated assistants in the market right now.

    All of the smartwatches reviewed on our AskMjareb guide represent the best in a different category. Either it’s the best smartwatch for fitness tracking, the best smartwatch that can replace your phone, the best Apple watch on the market today, and even the smartest-looking smartwatch. But they are all the best smartwatches for men available in the UAE today.